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America's irreplaceable ally JERU POST
Singapore releases German
Australian cabinet split over opening US route to Singapore Air: report
Teacher jailed for abusing maid from Philippines
Japan says no criticism on war shrine visits heard from PM Lee
Indonesian twins awake after Singapore separation
Singapore may enact law to ban locals from having sex with children abroad
Govt drops key revenue restriction on casinos: report
PM joins opposition to Koizumi visiting war shrine
Navy unveils remote-controlled vessels
Panel says jail terms possible for contractors in highway collapse
Former president Wee Kim Wee dies: reports
Lee Snr urges China to go for cultural, not military greatness
Singapore joins in criticism of 'textbooks whitewash'
Singapore arrests terror suspect, frees another
Wife of former President Devan Nair dies in Canada
French and US fighters in final duel for key contract
Cutting-edge technology gives punch to military: defence chief
Military mulls using commercial SUVs in bid to trim costs
Man pleads guilty as EADS cleared of involvement in bribery scandal
Police set up crack bomb team in latest anti-terror initiative
Singapore finds it hard to expand without sand
Tremors from Indonesian earthquake felt in Singapore: report
A deep, dark, secret love affair: Singapore Armed Forces
Opposition gives red light to casino plan
Terror groups exploiting globalisation, defence minister says
PM Lee hails Pope
Japanese firm could face charges over deadly highway collapse
New foreign maids required to take tests
Jemaah Islamiah expanding network: Singapore
Singapore announces new security measures against terror threats
Navy to escort passing merchant ships to stop terrorism
SQ and pilots' union sign collective agreement
Tunisian facing drug charges jumps bail
Singapore to place tracking devices on vehicles with hazardous materials
Tropical Singapore turns dry amid sustained heatwave
Don't forget Asia, Singapore says
Singapore launches elite maritime anti-terrorist assault unit
Singapore to consider Australian's clemency petition
Police help to fast-track tsunami death certification process
Singapore ends its biggest humanitarian effort
PAP tops global poll
Foreign policy gets priority STAR
Singapore frees terror suspect, rearrests another
Singapore says tsunami must not divert attention from terrorism
Nine Singaporeans die in Asian tsunami disaster
French chef jailed high-society drug bust
Singapore to be UN centre for relief aid to Indonesia

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