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SIA crash: Last undated October 31, 2002


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November 30, 2004
Court slaps down airline's legal battle in Singapore TAIPEH TIMES

October 30, 2004
Singapore Airlines settles 12 US lawsuits over Taipei air crash

October 31, 2002
Lawsuits mount against Singapore Airlines over fatal Taiwan crash

October 15, 2002
Aviation body says crash pilots can have licenses back

August 16, 2002
Singapore Airlines defends sacking of pilots in Taiwan crash

July 26, 2002
Singapore Airlines fires two Taiwan crash pilots

June 14, 2002
Taiwan suspends charges against pilots in SQ crash

April 30, 2002
Taiwan's CAA disputes Singapore on causes of jet crash
Taiwanese aviation official criticizes Singaporeans for issuing their own report on a deadly SQ crash

April 27, 2002
Taiwan and Singapore issue reports on crash of jumbo jet NY Times
Taiwan says Singapore misleading in investigation reports for crash
Taiwan aviation official: Singapore Airlines is upset with crash report
because it could increase their burden of compensation

April 23, 2002
Taiwan says report on SIA crash will not point fingers

May 17, 2001
S'pore jet crash probe rules out Taiwan airport faults: report

May 9
Singapore Airlines seeks to spread the blame

May 1
SQ006 crash compensation dispute angers crew
Singapore Airlines names Taiwan Airport as third party in crash lawsuits

Feb 28
Lawsuits mount against SIA following Taiwan crash

Feb 24
SQ crash report questions airport standards
Pilots, airport faulted in crash probe
No "closed" sign at Taiwan runway in Singapore Airlines crash
Communication error behind SQ crash
Lawyer files request for SQ crash trial in US

Feb 5, 2001
Singapore Airlines needs to lift its game on the Web

Dec 22, 2000
SIA crash pilots back in Singapore
Dec 19
The tragedy of flight SQ006
Prosecutors to re-create ill-fated SIA flight

Dec 14
Prosecutors to re-create ill-fated SIA flight

Nov 29
Singapore asks Taipei to release crash pilots

Nov 27
Taiwanese investigators pursue SIA crash inquiry in Singapore

Nov 19
Taiwan holds memorial service for SIA crash victims
Pilots' association calls for release of SIA pilots
Don't rush to judgement over SIA crash, say pilots

Nov 14
SIA crash probe may take a year
SIA pilots abort two landings in same week: report will not be removed

Nov 11
After the crash ASIAWEEK

Nov 10
US law firm offers online services for crash victims
Fatal error

Nov 9
Pilots denounce trend of blaming crash crew

Nov 8
Tragedy in Taipei a test of Singapore's openness
Taiwan investigators detail SIA crash
Relatives weep as monks hold rite

Nov 7
Conflicting runway closure details given to airlines
Jet crew did more harm than good, survivors say
Victims' kin want more from Singapore Airlines

Nov 5
SIA offers US$400,000 for each victim
Error could open SIA to "huge" lawsuits: analysts

Nov 4
What the black box revealed -Transcript
SIA pilots face manslaughter charges
Govt views crash findings seriously
SIA accepts responsibility for Taipei crash
Nov 3
SIA admits crash plane was on wrong runway
Singapore Airlines faces relatives' wrath

Nov 2
SIA defends safety record, stands apart from probe
Relatives arrive to retrieve bodies from SQ crash
Nov 1
SQ crash: Death toll at 78
Officials say at least 66 people dead in SQ crash
'Many dead' in Singapore Airlines crash

Silk Air crash: Dec 19, 1997 [Back to top]

Court dismisses SilkAir 1997 crash appeal
Families appeal against SilkAir '97 crash ruling
Families appeal against SilkAir court ruling: report
Govt, SIA get flak for accepting report on SilkAir crash
Pilots slam US SilkAir suicide crash report
Experts still divided on SilkAIr pilot-suicide theory
Families of SilkAir crash victims to take Boeing to court: report
Pilot may have meant to crash SilkAir jet
Official reports reject pilot suicide theory (DEC 14,2000)
SilkAir crash victims lament investigation proceedings

Crash victims' families file writ against SilkAir
SilkAir under fire as suicide crash theory gains ground
The Silkair crash mystery
Suicide pilot' took 104 to their deaths
Anger at lack of progress in crash probe
Pilots fear Silk AIr crash report may be compromise
Singapore:'Suicide pilot' took 104 to their deaths
Silkair crash: A killer in the cockpit?
'Suicidal' pilot may have killed 104 on crash jet

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