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Singapore's gentle revolutionary
The next generation: S'pore's leading men. ASIAWEEK
The PAP cadre system

General Elections:
PAP sets five goals to win elections in 2002
PAP admits upgrading link swung vote in elections
HDB finally to fix concrete problems in opposition wards

Unauthorised persons inside polling stations:
Attorney General's letter
SDP's response
'Please explain' : Workers' Party call to public prosecutor
Rethink polling station complaint: SDP chief

In Singapore its routine to massage electorate
Article by Tim Hamlett in the The South China Morning Post.

Against the odds: one man's bid for democracy
Article by Mark Baker on Tang Liang Hong in the The Sydney Morning Herald.

The cost of opposition: You'll wait to get your housing upgraded.
Asiaweek report Jan 17, 1997

PAP has 'delivered promise: Straits Times Jul 14, 1997

Special feature:

Former detainee Tang Fong Har recounts her 85 day detention in 1987.

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