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Hong Kong:


Hong Kong is rolling in more millionaire money than Singapore


Singapore overtakes Hong Kong in expat cost of living survey
Singapore vs. Hong Kong: Which is more expensive? WS Journal
Singapore leaps Hong Kong for expat costs: survey

Hong Kong ranks world's freest economy for 17th year
Singapore, Hong Kong and inadequate pension plans ASIA SENTINEL
Living large in Asia NEWSWEEK
Singapore chases HK with corporate tax cut plans

Official stats: Singapore surpasses Hong Kong as world's busiest container port

Archives 2005
HK still far ahead? TODAY
Lee Snr says Hong Kong should focus on business, not politics

Archives 2004
Intense rivalry continues STAR
HK government hits out at Singapore leader's barbs

Archives 2003
Siamese twins doctor leaves for Hong Kong
HK can spare a few tourist crumbs for Singapore

Archives 2002
Hong Kong retains position as world's freest economy AWSJ
Hong Kong and Singapore take different views of integration
Singapore 'is Asia's top business centre'
Singapore tax reforms will not erode Hong Kong advantage -- for now

Archives 2001
HKEx gets jump on Singapore
Tonne-in-cheek claims to supremacy

Archives 2000
Lee Sr denies saying HK chief has no moral authority
Lee Kuan Yew slams HK protesters
Test your courage in Beijing, activists told
Lee Sr urges HK to forge democracy consensus with Beijing
Border cash saves fingernails OP-ED
A lesson from Mr Lee

Singapore to build on its assets ANALYSIS
Singapore turns up heat with asset move
Goh surprised by HK Telecom storm

Archives 1999 and earlier
Hong Kong still world's freest economy
Singapore eyes link to HK stock exchange
Lee pushes hi-tech ties with Hong Kong
HK, S'pore, Shanghai address human side of urban life Wall Street Journal
Differing forex regimes create growth fallacy
Benign neglect may win over Marxist principles
HK health reforms follows Singapore
Singapore responds to HK's Cyberport plan
HK trade secretary's comments anger Singapore
HK trade secretary takes swipe at Singapore
S'pore consul rebuts HK official's attack
Lee denies Singapore wants to do HK in
Singapore versus Hong Kong  ASIAWEEK
Heritage types ignore Singapore's socialism
HK vs S'pore: Who has the edge? ASIAWEEK
HK jitters as Singapore slashes wages
Sibling rivalry: HK vs the Lion City. ASIAWEEK
China may devalue yuan: Lee Kuan Yew
Lion vs Dragon - race to wire up
S'pore editorial's assault on Hong Kong's chiefs
S'pore dangles "carrot" for fund managers

Slow squeeze on Hong Kong: Singaporisation of HK
HK to become another Singapore, leader warns votes
Lee's word of caution
HK's pro-democracy champion blasts Singapore patriarch
A place for business, not politics: Lee Kuan Yew

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