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Jeyaretnam trials and tribulations

Bankrupt opposition leader ordered to pay up
Bankrupt opposition politician confident of running in upcoming poll

Opposition's grand old man can't run for parliament

Opposition leader denounces judgment ruling barring candidacy

JBJ calls on Singaporeans to speak out
Still standing
Opposition leader in Singapore now selling books STAR
Silencing dissent with impunity CANBERRA TIMES
Lee's law : how Singapore crushes dissent

Jeyaretnam slams police refusal to allow protest march
Opposition politician plans birthday protest over tax hike
Opposition politician challenges ministers to take pay cuts
Jeyaretnam labelled true blue Singaporean in rare tribute
PM challenged to debate "quitters" tag
Jeyaretnam says sorry, defamation charges dropped
Singapore 'lets off' bankrupt rebel
Documentary on Jeya withdrawn from film festival: report

Jeya blasts near-sweep by Singapore's ruling party
Jeyaretnam resigns from party as polls near
Nothing left to lose:
The passage of J.B. Jeyaretnam?
Jeya insists I'll be back
Jeya says Singapore's ruling party was out to destroy him
A Worthy Legacy :
Amnesty observer has concerns about court hearings
Observer to attend Appeal Court as Jeyaretnam faces possible expulsion from parliament
Bankrupted opposition MP barred from parliament
Opposition MP says Lee wanted him out of politics
Bankruptcy drives out independent MP
Amnesty International to monitor opposition MP's hearing
Disgruntled opposition party members consider legal action

New blood adds spice to poll
Internal row chips at Singapore opposition party
Jeyaretnam: Beacon bows out
Lone voice of dissent steps down, if not out
Jeyaretnam silent on future with party
Jeyaretnam targets next election
Opposition chief 'quits after 30 years'
Jeyaretnam protests ban on foreign donations
Rights activists lose appeal to stage rally
Last stand for Lion City dissident
Police veto rally for JBJ
Jeya's supporters plan rally
Singapore says it doesn't store US nuclear weapons
Jeya loses another round in battle to keep seat
Singapore's lion-hearted opposition

Opposition MP files appeal against bankrupty order
Jeyaretnam loses appeal against bankruptcy
Jeyaretnam's press release concerning appeal against bankruptcy
Singapore's sisyphus
Singapore's Jeyaretnam fights for another day
'Rebel' MP may lose seat after bankruptcy order

2000 and earlier
Jeya pushed towards bankruptcy, expulsion from parliament
Singapore no paradise, says Jeyaretnam
Jeyaretnam appeals for help
Asia's democrats to speak at forum
Jeyaretnam may lose parliament seat
Jeya predicts rising voice in next polls
Jeya fails to stop 8 from claiming $223,000
Workers' Party slams govt over income inequality
Jeya launches book at forum on political society
Opposition condemns Political Donations Act
Jeya denounces new donation rules
Opposition leader to stay in parliament
Jeyaretnam, declared bankrupt, to lose seat - Paper
Jeya blasts S'pore free speech, decentralization plans
Bid to save Jeyaretnam from bankruptcy
Workers' Party's bid to raise funds from public rejected
Dissent reassuring
PM Goh drops petition against Jeyaretnam
Workers' Party faces closure after losing damages appeal
Workers' Party argues against libel ruling
Singapore Court asked to wind up Workers' Party
Court finds Workers' Party article defamatory
Jeyaretnam faces bankruptcy court again

Goh accepts Jeya's offer
Jeya offers to pay defamation
damages by instalments
WP leader libel appeal rejected
QC's notes of argument
Judgment reserved:
THE  trial of opposition leader and lawyer Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam began in Singapore on Monday, August 18, 1997.

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