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Government must make it clear that it will not tolerate termination as a guise for avoidance of retrenchment payments: SDP Online Citizen
At least 100 bodies go unclaimed in Singapore each year Online Citizen 
Court rules Govt is not a person under anti-harassment law provision Online Citizen 


Singapore-made short film aims to raise awareness about teen suicide

Singapore comes under pressure over female genital cutting of babies

Questions linger over Singapore’s hepatitis C outbreak  Asia Sentinel

Singapore slashes publication bans, but not for Jehovah's Witnesses

Singapore female founders wrestle tech's gender imbalance CNBC
Singapore megachurch leaders hit a sour note in pop music fraud case

Ministry calls for study on divorced, widowed seniors in Singapore

Singapore raises taxes on rich to fund rising social spending

Drinking sewage: solving Singapore's water problem CNN
Myanmar suspends work permits for maids going to Singapore

Singaporeans find their voice  NHK JAPAN
New book shines light on Singapore’s Gurkha community

Singapore to reform enforced pension saving scheme after protests
Is Singapore's income inequality gap narrowing? 
Singapore couples eager for bloodlines spend big on surrogates 
Singapore economy expands 3.5% in first half: PM CNBC
New labour laws may hurt Singapore  BUSINESS TIMES
Family disconnect 'drives young Singaporeans to suicide'

Singapore Airlines apologises for 'insensitive' MH17 post 
Singapore halts destruction of 'pro-gay' children's books 
Singapore to double riot police WALL ST JOURNAL
Archbishop apologises for any 'insensitivity' to gay

Singapore protesters attack immigration, jobs policies 
Government to help in re-employment of Singaporeans aged 65 and up 
Singapore protest against Filipinos rekindles anti-foreign anger 
Singapore must rethink its pet doctrines: authors 
Singapore needs to address its treatment of migrant workers

Top performers on the decline? STAR
Is public assault civil or criminal? STAR

Targeting online bullies STAR
It’s great to be a businessman in Spore today STAR
Not ready for the University of Hard Knocks STAR
Life in the world's most expensive city STAR
Singapore's megachurches move to export lucrative religion

A sweetener for the Pioneer Generation  STAR
Singapore top executive pay beats Hong Kong as living costs jump  BLOOMBERG
Singapore’s housing boom may be declining STAR
Singaporeans wonder: ‘Why now?’

PM urges more babies in Year of the Horse  
The young and the restless STAR
Government controls civil society too much: activists YAHOO NEWS
Sullen in Singapore: Its workers are the unhappiest in Asia 

Migrant labour pains for Singapore   STAR
Bus, train card fares to go up by as much as 6 cents by April 
Are old-fashioned coffee shops slowly dying out? STAR

How will headlines play out in 2014?STAR


Concerns about diluting republic's sense of identity STAR
Workers’ rights group issues proposals on Little India riot inquiry TODAY
Singapore group seeks clarification on Indian deportations 
As Singapore gets richer, more people left behind 
Is Singapore turning back the clock? STAR
Why deport the acquitted in Little India riot? SPORE SCENE

Big issues over riot in Little India STAR
Migrants riot, websites chill, but Yale-in-Singapore keeps warm

Riot in Singapore ECONOMIST
Singapore riot signals foreign-labor strains  WALL ST JOURNAL
Little India riot a matter of serious consequences SPORE SCENE
Downplaying varsity degreesSTAR
Tweaking national service STAR

Singapore government eyes blocking of online gambling sites

Learning to give in a kiasu society STAR
Boycotting for change  STAR
Singapore adults unfit, sleep deprived: survey YAHOO NEWS
Singapore course offers maids a brighter future
Singapore's mid-life crisis as citizens find their

Pawnshop boom in a super rich city STAR
Singapore diplomat bitten by graft charges over
pineapple tarts 

Singapore blogger calls NS ‘slavery’, draws passionate

Scandal puts spotlight on rich Singapore churches

Civil servants told to show cards over casino visits 
Singapore no longer world’s 'least positive’ society: Gallup poll 
Underground, the new frontier STAR
Singapore announces tighter rules for hiring skilled foreigners
Singaporeans should be more aware of the world around them: PM Lee 
Singapore relooks elitist policy STAR

Concern over NS numbers STAR
Singapore announces lending curbs amid Asian household debt

Keeping a watchful eye STAR

PAP plan to retain support STAR
Vincent Wijeysingha quits Singapore Democratic Party

A changing trend STAR
Singapore cranks up social spending amid policy rethink WALL ST JOURNAL
Writing the new Singapore story STAR

Housing for the single people STAR
The only shelter for HIV/AIDS patients in Singapore

Singapore's Lee says he wants a quick death 
Graft trouble in paradise 
New Singapore story STAR
Singapore anti-graft official charged with fraud

Singapore says rising household debt 'worrying' 
Are Singaporeans really pessimistic? 

Worrying trend of rising suicides STAR
 Poor little rich city STAR
Singapore Catholic Church to probe sex-abuse charges 
Singapore rules US death a suicide, but suspicions linger  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR 
Old and abandoned STAR
With law against him, Singapore pol says he's gay

Singapore gripped by Hello Kitty frenzy  
Out o the Haze, a Singapore spring?  Global Mail

Coping with the hazy situation STAR
Singapore haze starts to crimp business
Troubled times for workers STAR
Coming down hard on tax evaders
Too many graduates STAR
Office bullying video sparks outcry in Singapore

Bringing the community to the fore STAR
Jobless in the republic  STAR
Singapore looks to ties that bind
No more pensions for Singapore’s civil servants

True-blue leaders hard to find STAR
Singapore-based banks under pressure to hire more locals
Hiccups in being global STAR
Singapore Budget brings cheer STAR
Singapore budgets hikes social spending, new curbs on foreign workers

Land scarce Singapore looks underground for space 
A wealthy nation that can't afford to retire
Singapore population likely to hit 6.1 million by 2030: demography expert

A lifeline for Singapore SMEs STAR
Singapore gay couple seeks to abolish gay sex law 
Parliament endorses population White Paper by 77 votes to 13 
Big debate on S’pore’s future 
Singapore defends population forecast 
Jobless rate at 5-year low amid foreign worker curbs

Cooling the property market STAR
Singapore laments the bygone era of the birthquake  AGE
Pastors' comments spark fresh debate over Section 377A 
Making more babies is hard to do STAR


Sex in the city drags you down STAR
Hidden slums of Singapore revealed YAHOO NEWS

Strikes force change  STAR
Singapore government under pressure over sex scandal
Singapore is the least ‘emo’ STAR
Singapore couple challenge law on gay sex
No eternal rest for the dead in crowded Singapore 
Chinese bus drivers stage work stoppage in Singapore 

The agony of Indonesian migrant workers JAKARTA POST
Singaporeans react to 'emotionless' tag 
PAP’s quiet counter-insurgency STAR
Singapore defends stance on drugs

Softer part of nation-building STAR
Strait-laced Singapore hit by teacher scandals
Govt admits: We could have planned better

Singapore’s Muslim marriage courses under fire BIKYA MASR

PM living in a very different era STAR 
Happiness is not for sale STAR
A fractious opposition STAR
What do you want Singapore to be like in 2022? 

Motorists to be hit in the pocket again STAR
Singapore is ‘expat wealth hotspot’ TELEGRAPH

Going beyond Amy Cheong  PUBLIC  HOUSE
NTUC fires Assistant Director for racist comments

The divisive, intolerant and quarrelsome phase STAR
Foreign workers up in Singapore despite tightening

Half a century of evolution  STAR
Improving English in schools  STAR
Singapore’s national conversation  STAR
Tiny Singapore risks economic gloom without big baby boom

As Singapore globalizes its achools, locals worry NY TIMES 
Singapore leader urges tolerance of foreigners WALL ST JOURNAL
Living in the richest country STAR
Quelling the rising discontent STAR
Sex scandals signal an end to Singapore's corruption-free image LAW.COM
S’pore is now richest in the world YAHOO NEWS 
‘Want more babies? Change mindset towards less educated YAHOO NEWS
Lee Kuan Yew speculation stirs Singapore 

Dueling tunes compete on Singapore’s national day

Good and ugly side of casinos STAR
Singapore vows to create 'social safety nets'

Anger against open door policy STAR
In Singapore, vitriol against Chinese newcomers NEW YORK TIMES
Another sign Singapore is bursting at the seams?

Challenges in a changing labour scene  STAR
Singapore rail operator fined $1.58 million

Stemming the Singapore PR tide STAR
‘Good conduct’ law to be introduced for S’pore PRs 
The rise of mega-churches STAR
MOE's abstinence message sparks debate
Singaporeans teetering on a short fuse 
Living in a shoebox
Millionaires who don’t feel rich 
Bridging the rich-poor gap  STAR
Pressure on middle class rising
PM Lee warns fewer foreign workers will spark inflation, slow economic growth 

Driven to despair, literally STAR 
Under-age call girl scandal shakes Singapore elite  

Govt encourages more singles to get hitched

Row over ‘wage shock’ call STAR
Singapore charges 48 in underage prostitution scandal

Scandals take gloss off the myth that is Singapore MYANMAR TIMES 
Sex and the Lion City STAR
Singapore to drive road through historic cemetery 
The life of a retiree isn’t always bad STAR
Talent buy becomes sore point STAR
Cheers and jeers for maids' day off in Singapore
Creativity, an alien word to workforce STAR
‘Absence of goodies and Baby Bonus in Budget 2012’ 
Singapore seeks to slow surge in foreign workers 
Are Singapore's poor better off?
Singapore needs to accept immigrants' 
Singapore faces growing pains as setbacks pile up 
Push to promote mother tongue STAR
Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands sees more foreign gamblers
Learning to cope alone 
Singapore admits crisis response gap after metro woe 

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