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PM criticizes foreign press "agenda"
Morgan Stanley bankers to leave over Singapore email
Martyn See in Taipei for 'Rebel' screening; launches new movie TAIPEH TIMES
FEER ban not sign of confident govt WSJ
Singapore banning and defamation lawsuits FEER
Singapore’s founding myths vs freedom FEER
The Charade Of Meritocracy FEER
Magazine looks forward to day in court in Singapore
PM Lee calls for responsible journalism which will help improve the lives of people
Singapore's war on the press continues ASIA SEN
Magazine says Singapore ban curbs free expression
Singapore bans Far Eastern Economic Review
FEER urged to fight libel suit in Singapore
PM, father file suits against magazine
Court finds opposition politicians guilty of defamation
Reporter jailed in China may not face open appeal
Singapore tightens rules on some foreign media
Blogger warned over Christ cartoons
Groups call on China to release jailed journalist
Supporters of suspended blogger hold silent protest
Singaporean blogger suspended after govt criticism
S'poreans are fed, up with progress!
Distorting the truth, mr brown? TODAY
Can S'pore journalism still be meaningful? BIZ TIMES
Blogging activity up during election campaigning  CHAN NEWS ASIA
Hackles rise over perceived bias STAR
Singapore ranks low in press freedom index
PM Lee, MM Lee demand apology from SDP for NKF remarks
Press group condemns Singapore on web rules
Court jails two for Internet music piracy: report
Singapore won't allow publication of prophet cartoons, Lee says
The Economist apologizes to Lee Kuan Yew

Outcry forces Singapore media into the open SMH
Blogged down by free speech ASIA TIMES
Army life revelations prompt tighter rules on blogging in Singapore
Singapore "completely open" and not hostile to media: PM
Goh defends local media after dismal survey showing
Third Singapore racist blogger pleads guilty to sedition
Singapore blasts RSF press freedom ranking
Government interference spells crisis for media
Bangkok Post 
Singapore jails bloggers for racist speech
Singapore prosecutes bloggers with colonial-era sedition law
Schools punish cheeky student bloggers
China warns overseas journalists against 'violating laws'
Detained Straits Times journalist was a spy: China
Journalist's arrest in China "not related" to Singapore government
China arrests top Hong Kong journalist probing deposed former leader Zhao
Still wary of lifting newspaper ban
Filmmakers seek to clarify boundaries
Police probe film-maker over political documentary
Student apologises to government agency for Internet criticism
S'pore blogger responds to intimidation by A*STAR
A*Star confirms warning to student over defamatory blog
S'pore student shuts down blog after threat of legal action
Press freedom remains poor under Lee: media watchdog
Newspapers enter an uncertain age
Singapore unveils master plan to shield against cyber-attacks
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