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Veteran journalist Seah Chiang Nee passed away at the age of 77 Online Citizen

Singapore press said to merge two newspapers, reduce workforce

Singapore PM defends government Internet blockage


Spore responds to NY Times' editorial on Little India riot CHAN NEWS ASIA
Singapore’s Angry Migrant Workers NY TIMES


Singapore an advanced surveillance state, but citizens don’t mind

Singapore urges regional cooperation against hackers 
Singapore arrests man, investigates others over hacker attacks

Has the cyber war begun? STAR
Websites of Singapore president, PM hacked 

Singapore to block access to Canadian adultery website 

Singapore on alert for cyber attacks after websites hacked 
Straits Times website down after hacker threat 

Cartoonist apologises over satirical strip

Singapore concerned about foreign influence on new website  YAHOO NEWS
Singapore seen getting tough on dissent as cartoonist charged 

Exotic world of Singaporean journalism  ASIA SENTINEL
Local media given 'stern warning' for Punggol East exit poll

Singapore warns filmmaker over bus striker videos

Online media licensing undercuts Singapore's financial status: report

Spore licenses news site STAR
Fears over new licensing rules ‘will prove  
unfounded’ TODAY
New regulations hit Singapore's online
MDA’s belated “assurances”: Don’t let your
guard down  
MDA's censorship rules apply to readers'
comments too
Activists, bloggers call on MDA to withdraw licensing scheme 
Govt continues to be out of touch  PUBLIC HOUSE
Singapore to regulate Yahoo, other online news sites 

Govt continues to be out of touch  PUBLIC HOUSE
Singapore to regulate Yahoo, other online news sites

The dilemma in cyberspace  STAR
Row over rejection of tenure for outspoken academic UNIVERSITY WORLD NEWS
Professor denied tenure, sparks academic freedom debate AWSJ


Asia from an Asian perspective STAR

TREmeritus' change of tack and what it means for the blogosphere  
Cherian George

Singapore website apologises to PM and  brother 

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