Books on Singapore available on the net

May 4, 2001

ELECTRONIC editions of two books on Singapore, not available in the nation's bookshops. are now available on the net.

Visitors to can purchase and download two books not sold in Singapore.

The books are the second edition of The Singapore Puzzle, and first edition of The Caning.

The Singapore Puzzle, edited by Michael Haas, has contributions by Derek Davies, Richard Deck, Michael Haas, Christopher Lingle, Clark Neher, Francis Seow, and Kurt Wickman.

The first edition of The Caning, also by Michael Haas, is a play based on the experiences of Michael Fay, an American teenager caned in 1994 for an offense committed when. according to the author, videotaped footage has recorded him playing football.

Michael Haas says the books are not avalabl;e in Singapore because they "challenge the ruling authorities, who prefer to silence different voices than to answer constructive criticism."