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Relationship with neighbours 

Difficult issues in Singapore, Indonesia extradition treaty: FM
Indonesia against joint patrols of Malacca Strait
Singapore, Indonesian navies launch radar surveillance for Singapore Strait
Singapore allows return of waste
Singapore disappointed over demonstration at its Jakarta embassy JAKARTA POST
Singapore hopeful on Indonesia extradition treaty FIN TIMES
President to press for extradition treaty with Singapore FIN TIMES
Internal Security Act would help Indonesia fight terrorism: Lee Kuan Yew

Indonesia promises 'dignified' ties with Singapore
Ties with Singapore under new PM Lee
Indonesian maids in Singapore prone to human rights violations
Haze from Indonesian fires reaches Singapore
Activists declare war on Batam island's sex trade
Indonesia on guard against change in sea boundary with Singapore
Singapore protecting Indonesian graft suspects, says top politician
Singapore voted least corrupt nation in Asia, Indonesia worst: PERC
Indonesian minister criticises Singapore over treatment of maids
Singapore wants smooth Indonesian elections: Lee Hsien Loong
Singapore trade with Indonesia for 2003 totals $26 billion

Singapore welcomes Indonesia
Singapore in trade dispute over Indonesian export figures
Indonesia-Singapore gap more than just numbers
Indonesia seeks Singapore cooperation to fight smuggling
Good morning, Indonesia
S'pore regrets breakdown of peace talks with Aceh rebels
Singapore raises stakes in Indonesia's economic rebuilding

Indonesian government disappointed with Singaporean government TEMPO
Indonesia and Singapore seek ways to root out terror
Jakarta draws line in sand in Singapore dredging battle
Neighbours’ love-hate ties
Don't arm `thugs in uniforms'
Indonesia stability crucial to security
Jakarta court dismisses suit over Lee Sr remark
Case of Indonesian militant vs Singapore postponed
Muslim cleric says Lee Sr is "tongue of US"
Indonesia disappoints its neighbours and US with 'timid' response to terror
Lee Sr's proxy fails to show in libel case
Indonesia, Singapore agree to settle differences quietly: FM
Indonesian cleric to sue over comments by Lee Sr
Indonesian police to send officers to meet detained terror suspects
Indonesian Muslim cleric dares Singapore to meet him
Lee Kuan Yew brings the pot to boil
Indonesia says rift with Singapore due to differing perceptions
Singapore offers to prove terror links to Indonesia
Indonesia vows to tackle terrorism, rejects criticism
First Malaysian water, now Indonesian sand

Couple to serve consecutive jail terms for maid abuse
Strict Islamic states unlikely in SE Asia: expert
Singapore, Indonesia hold defence policy talks
S'pore denies involvement in gun-running to Indonesia
Megawati: Singapore visit has strengthened ties
Indonesia in talks to buy Salim assets in Singapore
Gas gateway
Ties with Indonesia must be preserved despite upsets: Lee Sr

Archives 2000
Lee's memoirs shed light on Indonesia-Singapore relations
Singapore says Lee did not tell Wahid to quit
Singapore vulnerable to Indonesian political unrest:study
Keeping up with the Singaporeans ASIAWEEK
Indonesia needs friends. So why is it picking fights? ASIAWEEK
Singapore denies Lee taunted Wahid
Press take offence at Wahid's critical outburst
Singapore rejects second bout of Indonesian criticism
Wahid's barbs point up Singapore's separateness
Singapore draws Wahid sting with low-key response
Singapore's vulnerabilities exposed after Wahid's criticisms
Singapore greets Wahid outburst with silence
President's reprove: a tactless step says Dewi Fortuna
Wahid lashes out at Singapore

What the president said
Minister Ramli wants S'pore to help counter criticism
Lee Sr says Suharto trial a "red herring"
Suharto children ignored advice: Lee Sr
Lee Jr voices hopes for troubled Indonesia
Indonesia's problems to affect SE Asia: Lee Jr
$1.5 billion Indon-S'pore water project planned
S'pore catalyst for Indon economic recovery
Wahid's calls to nationalism risk alienating Singapore
Students throw rotten eggs at Singaporean embassy
Goh's Indonesia concerns
Indonesia acts on mud imports from Singapore
Singapore investors have cold feet over Indonesia
Singapore immune to Indonesia contagion?
S'pore's investment plan to help Indonesian economy

Indonesia factor can upset calculations: Lee Jr

Archives 1997-1999

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