Justice Pillai dismisses AG’s application 

   The Online Citizen
November 15, 2011


AT The High Court this morning, Justice Pillai ruled to dismiss the application of the Attorney-General to seek leave to the Court of Appeal to appeal against the justice's earlier decision on his cost order in the Hougang by-elections case. As it stands, Madame Vellama d/o Marie Muthu does not have to pay costs to the AG.

Madame Vellama's counsel, Mr M Ravi, contended that Justice Pillai had not created a new law on the issue of cost, and hence there was no general principal of law that had been laid down which would warrant a leave to appeal.

Reinforcing his decision, Justice Pillai cited a recent Court of Appeal decision that had made no order of cost against the Attorney-General for his withdrawal of an earlier appeal against a decision of Justice Pillai. The justice noted at today's hearing that the Court of Appeal had considered in its decision not to order costs against the AG that Justice Pillai had not ordered costs against Madame Vellama.