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US State Department reports on S'pore 

WASHINGTON: February 26, 1999

THE US state department  released its annual Singapore County Report on Human Rights Practices for 1998 on February 26.

The 18-page report deals with various aspects  of Human Rights and makes mention of  three opposition party members: Mr J. B. Jeyaretnam, secretary general of the Workers' Party, Dr Chee Soon Juan, secretary general of the Singapore Democratic Party and  Mr Tang Liang Hong, a member of the Workers' Party.

The departmentís 1997 Report on Singapore is also available on its website.

There is also a lengthy (26 -page) report on Malaysia.

The site has  a preface explaining why and how these reports are prepared.

Up to March 10, the Straits Times did not carry anything about this report. However, it carried a report on what the State Department had to say about China on March 1.

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