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Relationship with neighbours

Taiwan unlikely to enjoy more intíl space, despite easing China-Taiwan tension: Lee Snr CHAN NEWS ASIA
Singapore says FTA with Taiwan possible without politics

Stability in Taiwan Straits vital to peace in East Asia: MM Lee CHAN NEWS ASIA
Taiwan hits back at Singapore's criticism on UN referendum plan
Four dead in Taiwan fighter jet crash

Singapore military juggles ties with Taiwan and China
Lee Snr warns Taiwan against losing competitiveness: Report

Taiwan lawmaker wants Singapore to invite him to explain 'dumb' remark FIN TIMES
Singapore and China boost ties, leave Taiwan spat behind
Taiwan Opposition leader meets Lee Sr over China
China blamed for Singapore's refusal to let in Taiwan seamen
Singapore denies reports of joint military exercise with Taiwan
Taiwan and Singapore to hold joint military exercise: report
Singapore says it understands China's need for anti-secession law

Singapore strikes out TAIPEI TIMES
Singapore has betrayed Taiwan TAIPEI TIMES
Taipei urges calm over FM's 'booger' Singapore slur
Behind the Taiwan-Singapore spat
Singapore warns Taiwan against independence moves
Singapore-China ties not "shallow and brittle": foreign minister
The empty talk of Singapore
Taipei Times
China warns Singapore officials against future visits to Taiwan
Singapore warns Taipei on independence
A David-and-Goliath tussle FEER 
Lee's visit shakes basis of relations CHINA DAILY 
China says Deputy PM's Taiwan trip infringes on its interests
Deputy PM stands up to China over Taiwan trip
China fury at Singapore deputy PM trip to Taiwan
China warns on Singapore leader's Taiwan visit
Deputy PM meets Taiwan leaders despite China protest
China warns Singapore must take 'full responsibility' for Taiwan visit

Singapore criticizes Taiwan's decision to hold referendum CHINA VIEW
Singapore has plan to pull troops from Taiwan in case of war: report
Singapore says Taiwan training camps not closed
Taipei denies Singapore troops to join war drills

A fine balancing act to stay on course
Singapore set to move training facilities from Taiwan to China
Lee Kuan Yew winds up Taiwan visit
Lee Sr meets Taiwan national security, opposition leaders
Taiwan mum as Lee Sr meets Taiwanese China policy maker
Lee Sr's visit Taiwan to annoyance of China
China asked not to block Taiwan-Singapore trade pact
Singapore reported to plan free trade talks with Taiwan
Singapore navy boats visit Taiwan
Singapore military ties now a `threat'

Lee Sr sees China as unstoppable
Taipei Mayor, Lee Sr discuss China, US relations
China urges Singapore not to boost ties with Taiwan
Taiwan, Singapore step up military cooperation: report
Taiwan should not try to copy Singapore
Singapore will stay out of Taiwan-China tussle, Lee Sr says
Straits tension shadows regional recovery
Lee Kuan Yew foresees China-Taiwan opening on talks

Taiwan: 2000

Prior to 2000
Taipei makes a new push in Southeast Asia
S'pore keen to see resumed talks - Taiwan's VP
S'pore press silent on Taiwan official's visit
PM Goh makes surprise Taiwan stopover

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